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We have touched based on this before, being a blogger is such a rewarding thing, no matter your base size. It has become a well known fact these days, the blogging world is taking the world by storm. There are so many perks to being a blogger and no, I do not mean simply the brand deals and the free items that everyone automatically associates with this blogging world. Blogging is wayyyyyyy more than that.

You have the power to connect so many different people together, people with a variety of backgrounds and life experiences all coming together in one place through the common denominator that is you. It is an incredible base place to connect loads of people together and sometimes without them realising too, people will start to feel like your blog is a second home.

You build up a safe environment and place, if done correctly we need to add. A place where people can confide, express how they are feeling and what they experienced or are experiencing in a non judgemental place. It is not just that, it is a place where people can connect with you personally, sharing your own personal experiences, the good times and the bad times, it becomes an environment where people with similar or the same experiences can connect with you on a more personal level without you realising.

I have always said that when you use your blogging platform or your platform in general to share your own experiences, you are setting out to help other people, no matter how hard it is for you to discuss things, you know that even if you help one person you are making a difference in the world.

Blogging is a powerful thing, people that you would never in a million years think would message you or talk to you, reach out. All due to a post that you have written, a message you have put across or an experience you wanted to share, something that has resonated with them and they want to reach out and personally thank you or connect.

So, next time someone says that being a blogger has it’s perks, let’s not all assume that it means free stuff, because trust me…there is a lot of time and effort that goes into brand deals and this does not make it free. Blogging is hard work, blogging becomes a passion and blogging is something that has the power to influence lives for the greater good and not to simply make profit out of their viewers, supporters and subscribers. Some bloggers do it for the right reason.

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